Speakers Bio & Abstract

Soren Aage Normolle Partner

Years as project manager of monitoring and technical land survey, the last 4 years as Head of Department has given Søren extensive experience and knowledge of designing and managing complex large scale monitoring projects. Søren has considerable experience in both geometric and geotechnical monitoring covering know-how and know-why on: Load cells, Strain Gauges, Inclinometers, Extensometers, Thermometers, Crackmeters, Hydrostatic levelling, Geometric levelling, Polar land survey and Laser scanning - all of which both as manual and as automatic systems. Søren has obtained extended experience in the management of staff, economy and maintenance of large scale monitoring projects. This, also covering management of alarm-systems, data interpretation and quality assurance. His highly proficient written and spoken English enables him to communicate effectively and with precision across the diverse disciplines of a large-scale construction team. Abstract
Savings through Geo-Monitoring
The Greater Copenhagen area in recent years has literally turned into a metaphorical piece of “Swiss Cheese.” Multiple tunneling projects – some simultaneously on top of each other – have been ongoing to address infrastructure concerns surrounding metro/railways, motorways, climate adaptation, sewage and technical service-tunnels. An increasing number of projects are using New Austrian Tunneling Method principles. This is where the entire design of a project is reconsidered, as construction is under way in order to benefit from information that can only be gathered while digging. To ensure beneficial information-flow and a structured monitoring program for these projects; LE34 has implemented the Trimble T4D monitoring system on a number of constructions sites. In this session 4 case studies will be presented detailing real-time projects where considerable time and money have been saved. The benefits range from direct project savings through automation, remediation of damages, just-in-time supportive construction works – to most importantly – significant savings in construction project re-design to meet specific requirements.