Speakers Bio & Abstract

Isabella Tonioli Advisor GIS – Department of Geo-Information
Municipality of The Hague
The Netherlands

Isabella is advisor and geo-account manager within the department of “Geo-informatie & Erfpachtbedrijf” in the Municipality of The Hague; since January 2016 she coordinates a team for the management and the promotion of open data in the city of The Hague. Her experience in the geo-field started in Italy, for the Tuscany and Sardinian regions; since then she focuses on the development of geo-solutions for the improvement of work processes inside the public administrations and the enhance of the extern communication with stakeholders and citizens. Abstract
Open data and the City of The Hague
Improve transparency and participation, support the decision making process and stimulate creative innovations: with these goals the City of The Hague promotes since 2013 the publication of datasets on her platform Columby (https://www.columby.com/a/gemeente-den-haag). In order to facilitate the users in their research, a part of the open datasets is registered in the two national catalogues, the Nationaal Georegister (for geo data) and the website data.overheid.nl. Since then, many initiatives have been started, like the data-estafette, the app “Dagje Strand” and the collaboration between the City of The Hague and the Haagse Hogeschool, which in 2016 is going to focus on Linked data. Also within the Municipality a group of enthusiastic ambassadors promotes open data with the more sceptic colleagues and supports new projects, together with stakeholders and citizens. In 2016 the City of The Hague chose to make a step forward in the professionalizing of the open data decision and publication process and set up a management unit for open data. The main role of the management unit is to support and facilitate the data owners and to create a stronger unity between local and national initiatives. We are happy to share our experience and lessons learned with you.