Speakers Bio & Abstract

Jedrzej Czarnota Research Analyst
Trilateral Research
United Kingdom

Jedrzej Czarnota, Research Analyst, is a member of the Data Science team at Trilateral Research Ltd. His areas of expertise and research interests include innovation, open source, high-technology and creative industries, as well as co-creation of services. Jedrzej has been involved in projects relating to user-led innovation, financial appraisal, crowdfunding, and organisational transformation. He has provided consulting on ICT with a special focus on interactive ICTs in the USA and Europe, working on a number of projects related to data security and business model innovation. He has also worked in the biotechnology industry in France and Malaysia.Abstract
ENERGIC-OD: Business model opportunities in the open data space
ENERGIC-OD (European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities - Open Data) is a Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP ICT PSP) project commissioned by the European Commission. It is a three-years project with 16 partner institutions in five different EU countries. Its goal is to implement an innovative broker architecture to enable full exploitation of geospatial information in Europe and to lower the barriers of entry for businesses wishing to develop new applications in that space. One challenge that this project faces is the development of business model and exploitation opportunities whilst navigating the complex open data field. In his talk, Jedrzej will discuss the possibilities for tapping into open data in commercial contexts, and monetizing related innovative software solutions. The talk will draw on open source development, crowdfunding, two-sided markets, co-creation and open innovation. It will also discuss the applied cases of ten pilot applications being developed for ENERGIC-OD and their commercial opportunities.