Speakers Bio & Abstract

Ruben Rajagopalan Innovation Lead – Smart Public Spaces
Philips Research
The Netherlands

Ruben received the M.Sc. degree in Information & Communication Systems from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany in 2006. Ruben started his career at Philips Research, The Netherlands, working on several technological innovations related to Picture Quality for TV, Mobile & 3D Displays. Based on his profound knowledge in digital signal processing platforms, he was later involved with scouting sensor solutions for emerging automotive applications and shaping the innovation strategy of the Philips Automotive Lighting business. Since a few years, he has been working on sensor-driven innovations within intelligent lighting ecosystems. In his current role, he is shaping the innovation roadmap for Smart Public Spaces at Philips Lighting Research while leading several open-innovation activities like subsidy programs and co-creation activities with municipalities. Throughout his work, he has contributed to the Philips patent portfolio with several inventions in the Consumer and Lighting domains. Abstract
Empowering cities with Connected Lighting
Lighting today is an essential element of public spaces; it is almost everywhere, and there are approximately 500 million street lights installed around the world. However, currently less than 1% of all our global street lights are connected or intelligent. With the emergence of big data, the internet of things and connected, digital lighting, we’re going to bring much more intelligent functionality into our lighting systems – lighting will go beyond illumination. This trend will play an important role in making cities more livable, more enjoyable, more safe, but also more economically sustainable.