Speakers Bio & Abstract

Bhoopathi Rapolu Head of Analytics - EMEA
United Kingdom

International speaker on Big Data, consultant for selling Analytics solutions and have worked with 100+ CEOs of analytics start-ups, business heads from medium to large organizations on building analytics service lines. Bhoopathi is now Head of Analystics for Cyient EMEA. Abstract
The Disruptive Business Models in Spatial Analytics driven by Big Data and IoT
With over 7.4 billion mobile device subscriptions in 2015 and still growing at 5% CAGR, location is being tracked not only for humans, but also for machines and a variety of smart things. With advent of new capabilities in connecting things and processing big data in real-time, the so called location intelligence is reinvented itself in disruptive business models across multiple industries. Location has become a default measurable attribute for humans and all moving smart things. There are 5 underlying forces fuelling firm growth in new generation of spatial intelligence, opening up opportunities for bold entrepreneurs to come up with disruptive business models: 1. Widespread adoption of smartphones, 2. Ability to connect things affordably, 3. Ability to process big data in real-time and offline, 4. Autonomous Agents and Things, and 5. Sharing Economy.