Speakers Bio & Abstract

Alan Bristow Director of Road Space Management
Transport for London
United Kingdom

As Director of Road Space Management, Alan is currently responsible for the design, management and operation of the Transport for London Road Network to support the economic development of London with a remit to deliver a once in a generation transformation of London?s roads and the systems and processes used to manage them. He is playing a key role in the delivery of London?s largest ever roads building programme (?4.2bn), and is directly sponsoring the delivery, in a highly charged political environment, of ?3.2 Bn worth of programmes and projects, whilst keeping the busiest roads moving in the most innovative way possible. The most visible of these programmes being the current Cycle Super Highway programme which is delivering the current Mayor?s Cycling Vision. He is also the chair of the Surface Transport Technology Board and is delivering a transformational 21st Traffic Management System for London, which involves starting to use Big Data and the Cloud to revolutionise the way that data is used to control the road network.Abstract
The road to a smarter city: Innovative use of data to meet London’s road network challenges
The presentation will show how we are using operational data through GIS and other systems to facilitate a Smarter City. Details include: What TfL’s Road Space Management Directorate does and what we are responsible for; the challenges we are facing on the road network in London and what we are doing about it; what our existing capabilities are; the use of Open Data and looking forward to the future.