Speakers Bio & Abstract

Noud Hooyman Head Policy Geo-information
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
The Netherlands

Noud Hooyman studied applied mathematics and information technology at the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. He leads the department for geo information within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, which is the coordinating Ministry in the field of geo information in The Netherlands. He is therefore responsible for the geo-information policies in The Netherlands. Important programmes for which Noud is the senior responsible owner are for example the Key Geo Registers, INSPIRE, the national distribution facility for geo-information (PDOK), the catalogue National Geo Register (NGR) and the programme for open data regarding the domain of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.Abstract
Open Data in the Netherlands: from policy to implementation to new policy
The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is the coordinating ministry in the field of geo-information. The Dutch Vision and Implementation Strategy on Geo-information (GIDEON) states the goals in the field of Geo-information in the Netherlands. With programmes on Key Geo Registers ((Addresses, Buildings, Cadastral Information, small- and large scaled Topography and Subsoil) the ministry contributes to standardized national datasets on important and broadly used themes. These Key Geo Registers are also part of the National E-Government programme. With the programme on the implementation of the European Directive INSPIRE and the realization of the national distribution facility PDOK and its catalogue NGR (National Geo Register) the availability of geo-information is improved and by additionally making data in the domain of Infrastructure and the Environment as open as possible, barriers to use the data are removed even further.