Speakers Bio & Abstract

Clare Hadley Policy and Engagement Manager
Ordnance Survey
United Kingdom

Clare Hadley is a GI Professional with over 30 years? experience in a variety of fields. Her experience includes public sector and partner relations, public affairs, data policy, licensing, consultancy and international affairs. In her present role she is responsible for monitoring policy developments nationally and internationally and overseeing engagement activities to ensure that Ordnance Survey contributes to the discussion and debate. After graduating in Geography, Clare initially trained as a Land Surveyor and worked on survey and mapping projects in Liberia and Malawi. On moving to Ordnance Survey she worked in GI research, production, sales, marketing, international business development and consultancy. In the latter role she worked in Greece, Barbados and Slovakia. Whilst on secondment to the Australian Government she worked on data policy with the federal and State governments. In recent years she has focused on policy issues and external relationships. She chaired the European Commission?s INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing Drafting Team and been involved in the early years of the UN-GGIM Committee of Experts. She now leads the UN-GGIM Working Group on Global Fundamental Geospatial Data Themes.