Speakers Bio & Abstract

Damien Palvadeau Sales Director
Business Geografic

Damien Palvadeau started in the mapping software industry 13 years ago as a Mapping Software Engineer at Business Geografic. He was part of those inspired developers who strongly believed that software innovation was a question of ?can?s. He contributed to developing one of the leading mapping engines on the global market ? Business Geografic?s cartographic engine, today called GEO Engine. Now, Damien is Business Geografic?s Sales Director. One of his favourite words still is ?GIS? - GIS like ?Geographic Information Systems?. Damien has a deep understanding of the market needs in terms of GIS and Geo-Analytics, and brilliant intuitions on how to articulate market needs and GIS innovation the relevant way. A question of ?can?s, again. Damien contributes to constantly leveraging Business Geografic?s innovative value proposition on the GIS market, by his ability to listen to, and understand, the overall GIS user community, and to translate their needs into new mapping innovation options. Options that become challenges within Business Geografic?s R&D teams and are most likely to result in... breaking new Business Geografic features.