Speakers Bio & Abstract

Joris Goos GIS Manager
City of Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Joris Goos is manager geo-information-systems (GIS) at the City of Rotterdam and is as such responsible for the procurement, quality management, development and usage of geospatial data and related (geo-) information systems. He and his team develop local geo-standards, create and analysegis-information citywide, consult on GeoBIM, open and linked data and build Rotterdams biggest and most compelling 3D City Model up to now. Joris is a member of the Rotterdam steering comittee on BIM and responsible for the development and implementation of BIM on the side of asset management for public spaces.Abstract
Geo Information management 2025: GIS, BIM, 3D, Big Linked Open data and more from hypes to solutions
There’s much to do about data nowadays. In all sorts of domains these last few years were about the upcoming transition to the internet of things and the power of data. Since words like linked open data and the semantic web are heard so often, they are also called merely hypes. There is however, if you take a closer look, a world of endless hard work behind these new ideas. We have been working with digital data for over 30 years now. Companies and governments worldwide have started introducing common languages and open formats and standards. Many business cases shifted from keeping the secret to sharing the knowledge. Many of the traditionally expensive geo-information (on just about anything) have become open data or at the very least easily accessible. This means it’s now time to enjoy the benefits. And just some of those are linked open data, 3D geo-information and BIM. The city of Rotterdam is one of the most dynamic local governments in the Netherlands. And it’s ambitious and innovative when it comes the geo-information. This session is on much of the hard work in the past, the information infrastructures that lead us to now and our ideas for the near future.