Speakers Bio & Abstract

Yasushi Shimoyama Principal Researcher for New Survey Technology
Geospatial Information Authority

Yaasushi is the Principal Researcher for New Survey Technology, Geography and Crustal Dynamics Research Center since 2015, wherein he is involved in estimating the effect of survey and mapping and researching on indoor mapping/positioning. Previously, he was the Director of Planning Division, National Mapping Department from 2011-2014. He has managed National Mapping development, including survey of user satisfaction, designing of new dataset, publication planning. He hosted UNRCC-AP (United Nations Regional Cartrographic Conference in Asia and the Pacific- Currently UN-GGIM-AP) in Okinawa, Japan. Yaasushi completed MEng in Civil Engineering in 1988 from Tokyo University.Abstract
Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI), as a national organization, has collected basic surveying/mapping information, and based on it, private sectors has built a variety of business. Positioning, which is the base of survey, is greatly owed to GNSS. Our “GEONET” (The GNSS Earth Observation Network system) started the service in 1994, which are composed of about 1300 control points and analysis system, and is used for investigating crustal movement as well as public surveying. Some companies distribute raw data with some information of accuracy, by getting them through GEONET, and sell about a billion yen (8 million US$) per year. They estimate a prospective use as unmanned construction and agriculture. In addition, airborne laser survey with GNSS receivers has been executed by about a billion yen per year. DEM, collected by laser survey, is an important information for disaster mitigation. Moreover, MSS (Mobile Mapping System; Usually cameras, a laser scanner GNSS receivers are set on a car) has greatly contributed both to updating large scale maps (running at least 15000km/year) and to the management of road. In the viewpoint of mapping, fundamental maps by GSI have been used in various fields. Now it is being analyzed and the details will be introduced at the Forum.