Speakers Bio & Abstract

Hoang Ngoc Lam Deputy Director General
Department of Survey and Mapping

Graduated with a Master of sciences in applied geodesy from Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography in 1995 and also took a Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences there, Dr Lam was Director of Northern Center of Remote Sensing Technology Application, National Remote Sensing Center, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. He then has been appointed to Deputy Director General, Department of Survey and Mapping, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment since 2011. He is currently responsible for Science and International Relations in Department of Survey and Mapping. His past projects include "Establishing geo-database of basic hydro - topographic information system for regional flood control and socio - economic development in Mekong delta" (2005- 2009). This is a government high priority project applying advanced technologies in surveying, mapping, hydrological information system, GIS and data management.

Exciting projects:

• 2013-2016: Establish high accuracy digital elevation model for coastal zone in Vietnam for warning and rescue activities and copping with sea level rise and climate change.

• 2011-2015: Reform Information and archiving center to fulfill the role of base Geo-data distributor of survey and mapping department. Abstract
The contribution of Department of Survey and Mapping of Vietnam in social-economic development and coping with climate change
Department of Surveying and Mapping of Vietnam (DOSMVN), an organization attached to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for state administration of survey and mapping on whole territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Over the years, DOSMVN has completed the construction of the surveying and mapping products that satisfy the needs of socio-economic development. These products are used by ministries and organizations, individual sectors including: National coordinate control network, high control network; Topographic map and geographical database at 1:10,000 scale covering the whole country, 1:2,000 and 1:5,000 scale covering the cities, key economic zones; System of aerial photographs and satellite images. Currently, DOSMVN is conducting Digital elevation model (DEM) with high-precision for coastal areas of Vietnam. The DEM is used in the action plan to respond to climate change and sea level rise. DEM was established based on the LIDAR data, the accuracy of data is 20 cm. The DEM is very important data in scenarios of sea level rise, which support making policies for responding to climate change.The presentation will present about the contribution of DOSMVN in social-economic development, coping with climate change.