Speakers Bio & Abstract

Steven Brandwood Head of Engagement
United Kingdom

Steve started working in the field of geographic information in local government in 1998. Steve managed the procurement of geographic information on behalf of local government as well as taking forward the standardisation of address and street data in local authorities, and being an advisor on local government geographic information more widely. Steve helped to set up GeoPlace to bring the addressing and street activities of local government and Ordnance Survey together in a joint venture. Steve is now responsible for GeoPlace's engagement with local government, wider stakeholder management, and communications and marketing.Abstract
The UK has successfully implemented the standardised collection of address and street reference data from local authorities. The initiative is driven, and data is collated nationally, by GeoPlace (a joint venture between local government and Ordnance Survey). This data is shared freely across the public sector to underpin data sharing for service transformation and efficiency). The societal and economic benefits both nationally and locally have been reviewed at various points during the life of the initiative and the aim of this presentation to is describe the process the UK has gone through to create a standardised core geographic reference data and present the benefits from the work.