Speakers Bio & Abstract

Derek Clarke Chief Director
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
South Africa

Dr Derek Clarke holds the position of head of the national mapping organisation of South Africa, as the Chief Director of National Geo-spatial Information. He is professionally registered. He has been engaged with promoting national mapping and geo-spatial information utilisation for over 30 years and played a leading role in getting GIS going in South Africa. He is also actively promoting the importance of geo-spatial information in Africa. Dr Clarke is active in a number of professional councils and committees, both nationally and internationally. He is also a certified integral coach.Abstract
Using Value Chain Analysis to Determine the Impact of Geospatial Information in the Public Sector
The impact of geospatial information on society and the economy is not easy to quantify, particularly from the perspective of the public sector. Geospatial information is generally a means to an end and not an end in itself. As such the value of geospatial information is not expressed directly as an outcome of a public decision or a public policy. There are various ways in which to provide an expression of this value, such as opportunity cost, social cost benefit or socio-environmental cost benefit. The value chain analysis method is explored as a way of determining the impact of geospatial information in the public sector. This method places emphasis on the user-environment. The discussion considers the value-add contribution of geospatial information in the value chain of public sectors organisations. This takes into account the knowledge indicators used in the decision space, socio-environmental cost benefit and ?lost? opportunity. There are both direct and indirect impacts of geospatial information