Speakers Bio & Abstract

Michal Koutek Researcher, Research & Development
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
The Netherlands

Michal Koutek works at KNMI (The Royal Netherlands Meteorologic Institute) as a 3D visualization specialist. He is a profound innovator in the area of meteorological visualization in Virtual Reality environments. Michal holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology (2003). His research thesis concentrated on Scientific Visualization in VR. Michal is a former graduate of Czech Technical University, with MSc in Computer Science from 1998. After years of teaching and supervising students in virtual reality, data visualization and computer graphics he took a challenge to apply the VR visualization in real applications with real users.Abstract
Meteo-visualization in VR: From a Lab into a Weather Room
In this talk we will look at what the VR technology can offer for visualization of meteorological data. We will discuss the challenges we have faced while working with forecasters and applying advanced visualization concepts in operational weather room. We will demonstrate the Weather 3D Explorer, a VR visualization framework for meteorological data that we are developing at the KNMI. We will show a number of severe weather events visualized in 3D with our system.