Speakers Bio & Abstract

Etienne Lamort De Gail Chief Executive Officer

Etienne Lamort de Gail created in 2004 a first company specialized in the production and digitizing of geospatial data for public authorities. His immersion in the geographical information area enabled him to acquire a keen knowledge of the GIS market and needs. In 2008, He creates imajing to answer recurrent needs met in the geographical information area : cost-effective production and update of field data for GIS applications in transportation infrastructures asset management.Abstract
Why vertical geospatial system integration is key to successful data strategy?
In the current growing industry, organizations have to face the rapid evolution of the transportation infrastructures eco-system. To respond to data availability, information technologies and GIS are becoming essential to improve processes. Today many geospatial technologies are available but few offer simple and efficient update of large networks covering nationwide areas. How to consistently transfer information from field to office, from raw data to structured data and from operational to management level decision-making, while managing huge volumes. This paper presents the keys to enable integrated data management for a sensible use of public resources.