Speakers Bio & Abstract

Jean-Pierre Krause Chief Risk Engineering Officer EMEA
Zurich Insurance Group

Jean-Pierre began his career with Zurich Insurance Company 20 years ago as an environmental risk engineer.

Currently he is the Chief Risk Engineering Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role he is managing the Network of Risk Engineers in the 17 countries. Further, Jean-Pierre co-ordinates Zurich’s Business Resilience proposition where he also authored a number of specialist publications on risk engineering methodologies and solutions.

He holds a Master of Environmental Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) as well as a Master of Arts in Information & Technology Management of University of St. Gallen (HSG). Last but not least, Jean-Pierre is still an active officer in the General Staff of the Swiss Army in the ranks of a Colonel focusing on risk scenarios that could threaten national security. Abstract
Geospatial data's potential to improve natural hazard risk management
It's not enough to predict the rains, you need to build AND maintain the ark!

Based upon lessons learned from real-world losses and the experiences of our natural hazards risk consulting service, a thought-provoking discussion will be held to question current practice related to the various stages of the natural hazard risk management process.

The goal of this discussion is to effect a paradigm shift in our approach to natural hazard risk management, especially with regards to use of geospatial data, as well as to identify opportunities and the pitfalls with regards to how geospatial data tools are currently deployed. The intercourse between the risk modelling and engineering communities must be intensified to better utilize the capabilities of geospatial tools as well as improve interpretation of output.