Speakers Bio & Abstract

Tina Thomson P&C Business Partner
Amlin Underwriting Modelling Amlin plc
United Kingdom

Natural catastrophe and geospatial intelligence - better Management Information for localised events
MS Amlin successfully operates catastrophe event support to its UK clients by proactively monitoring severe weather activity. The recent UK December storms have highlighted the need for more localised management information to improve planning and reaction to severe weather events. Post-event assessment is usually well established with the use of post event information, such as footprints from satellite imagery, to estimate the impact on an insurance portfolio’s exposures. MS Amlin’s integrated Pricing Portfolio Management platform with spatial functionality allows ad hoc overlay of such hazard information with its portfolios, or, in the absence of footprint information, drawing an estimated area over the affected locations, thus quickly netting down the exposed insured values. Pre-event assessment, on the other hand, remains challenging with varying levels of skill prediction and coarse assessment of potential regions affected. MS Amlin is actively investigating ways to improve disaster response by identifying physical characteristics and more localised information from events to benefit claims and reserving, post event assessment, and ultimately client experience.