Speakers Bio & Abstract

Melanie Abuel Asset Information Management Systems Manager
Manila Water Company

Engr. Melanie Abuel is the head of GIS Development in Manila Water Co. Inc. She is a Geodetic Engineer with Masteral studies in Geomatics Engineering at University of the Philippines-Diliman. Before asset management for water utility, she has been involved in GNSS modelling for tectonic deformation modelling and LIDAR data processing.Abstract
The Value of Systems Integration through an Enterprise Asset Management System in a Water Utility GIS
In 2012, Manila Water benchmarked its asset management processes and practices through the IWA-WSAA 2012 International Asset Management (AM) Performance Improvement Project. A key outcome was identification of four key AM improvement initiatives. In implementing these initiatives, the development of an AM Framework, AM Plan and an AM System (AMIS) Strategy. To address the need for an AMIS Strategy, the Enterprise Asset Management Project was implemented in 2014 to integrate 9 core systems such as Business Intelligence, GIS, CRM, SAP-Project Management, SAP-ISU, SAP Project System, SAP-Maintenance Management, SAP Financials and SCADA (System Analytics). Systems integration brought tangible benefits to the organization. An initial savings of 100,000 USD for Application Development and process efficiency for generating Asset Condition Reports. A single source of truth is now available to a cross functional group of experts that transforms asset information into data-driven decisions and relevant management strategies. Traceability has also enabled stringent reporting and analysis of process improvement versus financial investment. Being a highly regulated company, increased efficiency in compliance to its 24-parameter KPI and Business Efficiency Measures through a more prudent and easier audit record retrieval is another goal of this system integration. Call tickets can now be seen in real time along with maintenance activities in facilities and worksites. This has increased efficiency in customer process management towards providing better water and used water services to more than 6 Million customers within its concession area.