Speakers Bio & Abstract

Stefan Jensen Head of SEIS and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
European Environment Agency

Stefan Jensen holds a geography degree and today heads the group on data management in the European Environment Agency (EEA) which supports the implementation of the EEA’s spatial data infrastructure and of INSPIRE. Before he had joined EEA in 2001 to lead projects on electronic environmental reporting and on establishing the European Water Information System, he began his career in the private sector on the marketing and application of Geographic Information Systems. He also worked as a private consultant for a couple of years and started his European work from the Environment Ministry in Hannover, Germany where he developed the state’s spatial environmental information system.Abstract
Copernicus services addressing business cases on land and climate change
The European Copernicus program has become operational and provides data for the usage in several environmental policy areas. The European Environment Agency is both provider and user of such data and services. The presentation reflects on available and emerging use cases across environmental policy areas. It highlights data availability and discusses methodological issues which need to be addressed in the coming years to assure a strong role of satellite data as part of systematic and sustainable environmental monitoring. Big data developments provide both new opportunities as well as they call for enhanced resource efficiency. Maps on climate change data and projections as well as on land use changes are key products and have to be integrated further with in-situ information. This starts happening in European portals like Climate ?ADAPT or in analytical work on natural capital and ecosystem accounts. The Copernicus land and the Copernicus climate change service have an important role to help produce those data and maps and form an essential part of the knowledge base for environmental decision making.