Speakers Bio & Abstract

Levente Klein Research Staff Member
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
United States

Dr. Levente Klein is a Research Staff Member in the Physical Sciences Department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. Dr Klein is developing a Big Data platform within IBM to enable PetaByte of data management and real time analytics. Dr. Klein is a member of the American Physical Society and the NY Academy of Sciences.Abstract
Mining Open Source Geospatial Data
Petabytes of open source geo-spatial data is readily available, however the value extracted from it is limited by the ability to handle massive data volume and the time required to align and process data sets. A new geospatial analytics platform called Physical Analytics Integrated Repository and Services (PAIRS) is developed, build on top of open source big data technology, that can integrate heterogeneous data types generated by satellite, drones, mobile devices, social media etc.. The platform automatically align and join spatially the data and curate all data layers up-front before being integrated into distributed storage. The data platform enables multilayer queries, where one or all data layers are filtered based on a single or multiple data parameters to discover similarities/differences between locations across large geographical areas. Benefits of this platform is parallelized processing and accelerated data discovery. Two applications are developed in PAIRS and operationalized for real time analytics using the aligned and curated data sets; satellite based irrigation forecasting for precision agriculture and solar radiation forecasting for renewable energy. PAIRS aligned data layers are used for ground feature recognition like land utilization, urban area development, building shape and density, road networks using spectral analysis and supervised machine learning. The platform offer an integrated environment where physical and statistical model combined with machine learning techniques are used to discover geo-spatial insights.