Speakers Bio & Abstract

Iain MacInnes Senior Regional Sales Manager Europe
United Kingdom

Iain MacInnes is the Senior Regional Sales Manager for DigitalGlobe in Europe, a leading provider of Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery sourced from it’s own advanced satellite constellation. Joining the company in 2011 he brings over 15 years of international experience within geospatial industries to a role which is focused on key accounts in European Institutions, UN and strategic partnerships. He holds and MSc in Environmental Remote Sensing from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).Abstract
Life Beyond the Pixel: Turning Big Data into Relevant Data
What if you could not only see the world on a daily basis but also understand it? Geospatial Big Data converts millions of square kilometers of imagery to structured information that can be queried, indexed, and leveraged to provide deeper insight and understanding. Every day, DigitalGlobe collects over 4 million sqkm of high-resolution imagery, complete with super-spectral information. This creates an immense opportunity not only to see the globe but to understand it. Computer vision algorithms can locate every car, plane or baseball field, identify every building and map all the crops and minerals on the surface of the Earth. When the computers can?t figure it out, we turn to the crowd. Learn about how you can approach problems with geospatial enabled information, and how we can transform pixels into relevant information by leveraging machine learning and crowd sourcing techniques.