Speakers Bio & Abstract

Dr. Lorraine Tighe Director, Marketing
Strategic Geospatial Solutions
United States

Dr. Tighe is the marketing director at Strategic Geospatial Solutions (SGS). She is responsible for the development of business and product strategies that capitalize on Big Data for use in SaaS/PaaS geospatial solutions. She has been involved in remote sensing research for varied geospatial applications for the past twenty-plus years. Prior to SGS, Dr. Tighe was with Positioning Services at Trimble Navigation and Intermap Technologies where she has a proven track record for optimizing remotely sensed data (from various sections of the electromagnetic spectrum) for use in a wide array of geospatial applications that reach the consumer market space. She co-authored a remote sensing chapter on elevation data for location based applications for the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. She holds a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, a graduate degree in Remote Sensing and GIS, and a B.Sc. in Physics and Geology. Follow on Twitter for updates at @SGeoSln.Abstract
Big Data - No Problem; Big Analysis in a Secure Environment -Problem - A US based Economic Analysis
An organization's ability to execute its critical responsibilities depends on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of secure facilities and computer systems, data and workflows that support its mission ALONG WITH the methods to analyze that data. Modern methods for the identification of cyber threats increasingly involve techniques featuring cross-analysis of data coming from several different sources-and these techniques further increase the need for big compute capacity which is secure. How can organization?s leverage the emergence of the tangible need for excellent analysis tools, big or high compute power and big data to perform the large number of " analysis methods and security checks" required in an extremely short time" and what are the economic benefits and costs of this analysis. Dr. Johnson will present the multiple methods and ways in which the US government (civil federal and intelligence community) and the commercial market space are focusing on this challenge along with the market categories of where the largest expenditures and investments are being made.