Speakers Bio & Abstract

Adam Iwaniak Chief Executive Officer
Wroclaw Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence

Adam Iwaniak, PhD is CEO of Wroclaw Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence. He performs research in the applications of AI in geodesy and cartography and has recently been contributing to the task of building an intelligent SDI. From 2006 to 2008 he was vice-president of the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography overseeing the development of SDI in Poland. He is the author of over 120 papers on the GIS and SDI.Abstract
Linking GIS and Semantic Web with Semantic Components
With the significant advances in the field of analyzing large datasets there is still need for utilizing spatial data containing geographical reference for observed entities or phenomena, which is crucial for understanding the emphasis of occurring processes and its visualization. The tools and methods for processing this kind of data is well established and is based mostly on numerical analyses. In order to be able to fully use the potential of spatial data it is essential to integrate those tools into data analytics stack. Graph databases are one of the most promising analytics tools, which are widely used for detecting patterns in series of actions and finding connections between people in social networks. Being able to combine geographic data processing tools and graph databases can provide new means for data analysis. The authors present Semantic Components, a solution for connecting world of GIS and graph databases, which operates on different paradigms, with the use of widely used tools: Hexagon GeoMedia Professional suite and Franz AllegroGraph. With Semantic Components it is possible to exchange data between those two components, establish a connection between entities and to seamlessly perform spatial and graph analysis, without the need for re-implementing known algorithms in each software.