Speakers Bio & Abstract

Richard Witmer Product Manager Topography and Imagery
Dutch Kadaster
The Netherlands

Richard Witmer is Product Manager Topography and Imagery at Dutch Cadastre and National Mapping Agency. He is involved in the development of the Key Register Topography, automatic generalisation and 3D topographic products.Abstract
Auditing the quality of the Key Register Topography in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands there are several key registers of which a compulsory use for governmental tasks is determined by law. As it is of high importance that the quality of these key registers is fit for use, it is regulated by law that they have to be audited once every while by an independent party. In this presentation Richard Witmer from the Dutch Cadastre and Maarten Storm from Alterra, Wageningen UR tell about the auditing of the Key Register Topography. They will discuss the method and the results of the audit and the actions taken to improve the quality of this open data.