Speakers Bio & Abstract

Marleen Van Damme Coordinator of DOV and MercatorNet
The Environment, Nature and Energy Department in Flanders

As an employee of the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy (of the Government of Flanders) I have the function of coordinator of the soil and subsoil database of Flanders (DOV). This database is being built from 1996 on through a cooperation between different partners within the Government of Flanders. I started my task as coordinator in 2006, before I was involved in the groundwater policy and responsible for the development of the groundwater pillar of DOV. DOV is set up as a main node in the SDI in Flanders and publishes geographical data related to geology, hydrogeology, groundwater, geotechnics, soil and natural resources.Abstract
Enhance your Spatial Web Services with Analytics - Case LNE
Implementations of new INSPIRE Web Services and opening of spatial data have increased the use of spatial data both in organisations' internal core processes and as a part of e-services and mobile applications. The data providers need to make a continuous effort in providing up-to-date and high-quality spatial data services to their users to demonstrate the added value created by their investments in data provisioning. The Environment, Nature and Energy Department in Flanders (LNE) is coordinating the building of several spatial data nodes of the Flanders spatial data infrastructure. Their goal is to provide services that both serves public and private organisations' data integration needs and enable citizens to easily access data gathered by them. Quality of service is a key success factor for such operations. Collecting and analysing key quality and usage metrics about the published services makes it possible to systematically evaluate and show the progress made in data provisioning. The presentation will show with a case example of LNE how accurate and timely information on service quality and usage can be used to improve the quality of service to the users and steer development resources more efficiently. The presentation also demonstrates how to create reports for the OGC and INSPIRE compatibility and for the service usage analytics, like the number of requests for each service and dataset. These operations result in achieving significant cost savings in internal processes and operating spatial web services.