Speakers Bio & Abstract

Rainer Ressl General Director of Geomatics

Mosaicking Mexico - The Big Picture of Big Data
Current Earth observation satellites provide petabytes of spatially and temporally high-resolution data on a daily basis. Processing and converting the imagery available into seam- and cloudless mosaics is still a challenge. While low and medium resolution composites already have been produced for large areas of the world, a closer look into geobrowsers like Google Earth reveals that more detailed satellite information at larger scales is still provided in a patchwork style. Hence, we find especially tropical regions to be neither complete (due to cloudiness) nor homogeneous (due to radiometric differences). The present project aims at mosaicking Mexico entirely, and obtaining a completely cloud free mosaic based on RapidEye data with a 5-meter pixel size. The process of filtering 60000 available images between the years 2011-2014 will be discussed, and also the subsequent mosaic generation process, which was executed using PCI?s GXL and Geomatica technology. In addition, a preview of the final mosaic, merging approximately 4500 RapidEye scenes into a single 1-terabyte image, together with possible applications of this product, will finalize the presentation.