Speakers Bio & Abstract

Luca Perletta Manager, Sales Engineering
United Kingdom

Luca Perletta is a Sales Engineering Manager for DigitalGlobe in the EMEAR region. With a MSc in signal processing and remote sensing, Luca has been working on an innovative concept for a geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar system at Politecnico di Milano during his thesis. Prior joining DigitalGlobe he has managed the evolution and worldwide adoption of a disruptive ground-based radar system for the ITS sector. Abstract
Sub 50cm - the new VHR Standard
Over the last few years, the constellation of very high resolution satellites has significantly increased. Volumes of highly detailed information increase daily and, as a result, customers' needs for very high resolution data are also increasing. The automation of data processing and analysis has become critical. DigitalGlobe has pioneered the value that can be extracted from Very high resolution information, and what was once a 50cm benchmark, has moved to 40cm and now even 30cm delivering incredible clarity, accuracy, resolution, and spectral diversity.