Speakers Bio & Abstract

Patrick Lohman Vice President of Partnerships
United States

Patrick Lohman is PrecisionHawk’s Vice President of Partnerships. He has played an intricate role in the expansion of PrecisionHawk Inc. by launching the first US office in 2013, and has since driven the company’s growth by pursuing new business opportunities and strategic partnerships worldwide. Pat works with enterprise-level clients across civilian industries, such as agriculture, energy and insurance, to display the immense value of UAV and remote sensing technology to business operations. He leads the growing sales and business development teams at PrecisionHawk. Lohman received his Master’s degree from Indiana University.Abstract
Building an Open Network of Geospatial Solutions for Aerial Data Collectors
As we prepare for widespread drone adoption and integration across the most data-hungry sectors such as agriculture, oil & gas, insurance, infrastructure - it is crucial to develop platforms that bring together the smartest and most innovative minds in GIS to build industry specific tools that make sense of aerial data. PrecisionHawk is working with over 200 university and corporate partners to foster an open source community focused on GIS tool development for the analysis of various aerial data types collected by drones and satellites. The creation of an open source environment for solution-focused analysis techniques will open the doors toward the dawn of aerial information, where scalable, enterprise-grade data analytics will serve as indispensable decision-making tools for businesses around the world.