Speakers Bio & Abstract

Philipp Amon Manager ULS Operations
RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems

Philipp Amon is working with RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH located in Horn, Austria since 2010, currently as Manager ULS operations. He graduated from a higher-level secondary college for industrial engineering and is currently working on his BSc in Industrial Engineering from the HFH Hamburg. His publications are related to terrestrial and mobile laser scanning, as well as UAS/UAV applications of laser scanning.Abstract
World's first UAV-based profiler for laser hydrography
We report on the latest development in the field of airborne laser bathymetry: the RIEGL BathyCopter. This is a laser rangefinder operating at 532 nm integrated into the RiCOPTER, a small UAV with a take-off mass less than 25 kg. The system also comprises a camera, data storage, and a position and orientation measurement unit. From an operational height of about 15 m the BathyCopter can generate profiles of waterbodies including the surrounding dryland with high accuracy. The water penetration is 1 Secchi depth. With a flight endurance of 30 minutes, the system is perfectly suited to perform repeated survey jobs for a great variety of applications like generation of river profiles, survey of water reservoirs, surveying of canals, landscaping, support of construction works or for planning and carrying out hydraulic engineering work. We present the system with the technology employed and present results from field tests.