Speakers Bio & Abstract

Mihai Ionita GIS Specialist

I graduated from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, specialty Cartography, Topography and Cadaster in 2003 and Geography - Geomorphology in 2005. Since then, I interacted with geographical data from different areas and in different projects. I like field work and the use of the measuring equipment.Abstract
Integrated Digital Platform for collaborative work regarding the delineation of the protected areas in Romania, including Natura 2000 sites
For knowing the right location and the limits for the Protected Natural Areas and Natura 2000 sites in Romania, our company considered necessary to build an integrated system to centralize all the experts activities from the field within the project. We made so a collaborative IT platform that was used in fieldwork and in the office to achieve project objectives. Furthermore, carried informatics platform has been used in the stages of public awareness and public consultation. We use for this project modern hardware and GIS software infrastructure (ESRI Server Enterprise, ESRI Desktop Advanced, ESRI ArcGIS API, ArcPAD) together with an Enterprise Geodatabase (SQL Server Enterprise RDBMS) to achieve the needed results.
Inside the Geodatabase, Vector data like Basemap layers (Administrative Limits, Communication Infrastructure, Hydrographic Network, Vegetation, Land Use and other date) together with Raster data (Orthophoto Map, Topographic Maps, Digital Elevation Model, Cadaster Maps) offered to the expert the needed information to establish initial limit for the area. With this data, the field teams, using GPS equipment (Trimble Yuma, Yuma 2, GeoXH) ware validating the segments in the field. The obtained result was then transposed to INSPIRE Directive according to the data specification for the spatial data theme - Protected Sites - Annex I. and delivered to the beneficiary - Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests.