Speakers Bio & Abstract

Wouter Brokx Director
The Netherlands

Wouter Brokx is Director of Imagem, Hexagon Geospatial partner in the Benelux, and early Smart M.Apps adopter. Wouter has an MSc in Geology, with a postdoctorate in Remote Sensing. He has worked for the Dutch Aerospace Agency NLR, and with Imagem since 2003. Wouter enjoys the combination of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic marketing & sales in the geospatial domain.Abstract
The Map of the Future
Maps are useful. But key business insights drawn from location-based information are what facilitate business decisions. Leadership is used to use dashboards to plan and take action. The challenge is to transform available information from highly complex technical sources dynamically into comprehensive business intelligence dashboards and analytics for everyone, and enable a transparent communication between different levels in- and outside the organization. Effects of invested budgets is easily compared and presented, and city leaders get a clear understanding if asset expenditures were properly allocated. With continuous access to thoughtfully presented summary metrics, city leadership at all levels can now make better decisions based on reliable information. The new Hexagon Smart M.App? technology provides a platform to help facilitate this. It enables organizations to create dynamic and interactive Apps for up-to-date information services with analytics. International Engineering firm Antea Group has joined hands with Smart M.Apps innovator Imagem, to implement Smart City solutions for public asset management. The two parties are combining engineering creativity with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, to provide insight into real world change and help solve Smart City challenges. By getting behind the new paradigm for location-based applications, Imagem and Antea Group shall discuss what it means to be a Smart City. They will present several examples to demonstrate a Map of the Future and how cities can easily become smarter.