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Sreeja Arunkumar Expert
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

15 years of experience in software development with 2 years in GIS domain and 10 years in the navigation domain
Software development using C++, Java
19 patent applications filed in the vehicle infotainment areas Abstract
Geo-enabled solutions for improving urban road infrastructure management
Maintenance of road infrastructure in urban areas is always a challenge due to increase in number of vehicles, changing weather conditions etc. Poor road infrastructure result in traffic congestion, fuel wastage, air pollution and longer trip duration. Most importantly this results in road accidents because of the bad road condition such as potholes. How do we get a reliable picture of the road conditions every day? None of the existing data acquisition methods like photogrammetry and LiDAR would be able to provide an effective solution to this due to the cost and computing complexities involved. Bosch has developed a solution for using common man?s mobile phone as probes to collect road and traffic conditions. The biggest challenge was to provide reliable inference from the sensors available on common smart phones. The processed and aggregated probe data is stored on a cloud for further spatial analysis. This correlates the probe data with various other geographical parameters and analyses the impact of each of the road conditions. The smartphone application alerts motorist timely basis whenever they are near hazardous spots. This paper will cover a case study of implementing this solution in an Indian city. The geospatial algorithms like tiling, road geometry analysis used to model the dataset will be covered. The technical challenges faced like GPS error correction, storage optimization and our approach to solve these challenges will be presented. We will also touch upon business impact of this solution towards urbanization and the business models too.