Speakers Bio & Abstract

Michel Grothe Consultant
The Netherlands

Michel Grothe holds a Master?s degree (MSc.) in Spatial Planning at the Radboud University Nijmegen and a Doctors degree (PhD) in Spatial Computer Science and Regional Economics at the Free University Amsterdam. In 2007 he joined Geonovum. As such, he is working as programme manager on the national implementation of INSPIRE. Furthermore, Michel is community manager of Making Sense for Society, a Living Lab for Smart Cities in the Netherlands.Abstract
Smart emission
Smart emission is about how low-cost sensors can add to high end-sensing methods for collecting fine-grained urban measurement data (on indicators like NO2 and noise), what the demands are for an open geo-information infrastructure to handle these data, and which methods and scenarios can be used for processing and visualizing this data for involving citizens and connecting to broader municipal purposes. The Smart Emission initiative applies an innovative citizen-sensor-network in the city Nijmegen, and tests the proof of concept. New, a low-cost sensor installation is developed and implemented to measure in a fine-grained network constellation the spatial pattern and spread of environmental information such as temperature, noise, and air quality indicators comprising NOx and CO2. The dynamic dataflow is communicated in an open and unified way over the Web in order to interconnect data, sensors and a server platform. Citizens living and working in the area participate in this initiative. They are in dialogue with the city-government and scientists to analyze, visualize and interpret the data in sense-making sessions with help of a so-called Maptable instrument. Smart Emission aims to connect the retrieved information flow to other data sources and embed this information in the dynamic process of city governance, further improving the knowledge integration of this type of environmental monitoring in traffic management and city-planning.