OSGeo - Open source for geospatial

'Celebrating 10th anniversary'

May 24, 2016 This programme is open to all Geospatial World Forum delegates

Program objective

The OSGeo event wants to reach out to the broader Geospatial public and promote the use and development of open geospatial technology. As the Geospatial World Forum is one of the most premier geospatial events in the world today, where all the important stakeholders are being gathered it is the ideal place for OSGeo to organise some strategic meetings and celebrate some of the successful community products. During our event we want to explain what and how you can be involved with OSGeo, and how you can benefit from it. For those already an active member and involved with Europe and INSPIRE we organise some specific workshops to continue our good work both subjects.


  • Provide a forum to exchange ideas about the use of OSGeo software and the role OSGeo should play on a European level.
  • Outreach to the Geospatial professionals not yet heard about Open Source initiatives and open collaboration
  • celebrate the 10th anniversary of OSGeo by OSGeo projects presenting themselves with hints how to start being involved

Target Audience

  • Policy makers
  • Government Departments and public sector
  • Academic and research bodies
  • Enterpreneurs
  • Geospatial Industry Experts
  • GeoIT Solutions Providers

Program outline


Workshop: OSGeo for INSPIRE/ INSPIRE for OSGeo

"The INSPIRE ARE3NA Re3ference Platform"
OSGeo projects and INSPIRE (3 projects testimonials)
Discussion / conclusions next steps


OSGeo celebrates its 10th anniversary

OSGeo – mission and vision for the next 10 years
OSGeo Live CD
OSGeo for all – geo education for everybody
Open Street map – state of the map


Workshop OSGeo Europe

Role and need of a European Local Chapter of OSGeo
Discussion and next steps
FOSS4G – Bonn why you should come


OSGeo Projects

Examples how to start with OSGeo software in your organisation
Benefits of working with open source based solutions


OSGeo, what's in it for you

How to join, what to expect, how to help, how to benifit, why you?


OSGeo Projects

Examples how to start with OSGeo software in your organisation
Benifits of working with open ource based solutions

Outreach activity to present the role and products of OSGeo

Diverse presentations about the work and results of OSGeo from the last 10 years. The mission and vision for the next 10 years. The relationship with our different partners, our projects and how you can enjoy a relationship with OSGeo and how you can benefit from it.


Dirk Frigne Vice President
Johan Van de Wouw President

Registration Fee

If you'd only like to attend this programme, the entrance fee is €25 per person. The fee includes access to Geospatial World Forum exhibition and tea/coffee breaks, without lunch.