A Digital Agenda for the Organisation and Dissemination of Data/Information: The SIIF
Monday, 25 May 2015, 1500 – 1730 hrs


Since 2012, the European Commission runs a pilot programme under the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD, 91/271/EC) to improve reporting processes and data dissemination towards the public by the development of Structured Implementation and Information Framework (SIIF). Improved data management will contribute to better implementation of the Directive and reduction of administrative burden, a key priority under the better regulation agenda of the current Commission to boost jobs, growth and investment. It will allow efficient fulfilment of requirements under the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and Directive on public access to environmental information (2003/4/EC). So far several EU Member States have been involved in the concrete development of national UWWTD SIIF, including the development of improved IT systems and websites on urban waste water data. The Commission is also working with the European Environmental Agency to improve the way to organise and disseminate the information at EU level. As this workshop will be mainly focused on waste water data the overall objective of the SIIF is to extend the approach to the other policies.


The aim of this workshop is for the Commission/European Environment Agency/Office International de l'Eau (International Office of Water) to have a discussion on the last developments of the SIIF project and especially the EU and national urban waste water map viewers and all IT tools developed.

In addition to presenting the SIIF and its implementation there are three objectives for this workshop:

  • The first one is to discuss specifically INSPIRE harmonisation on wastewater dataset and possible improvement of the waste water tables currently mainly focused on Commission reporting needs. In the future, it will also have to be adapted to other providers and users. One of the questions raised is how to write a common waste water data guidance.
  • The second one is to discuss on the two specific waste water data viewers developed at EEA level and at national level under the SIIF concept. Aim is to discuss possible improvements of the functionalities with a focus on INSPIRE services to be implemented and the user's needs.
  • The third one is to discuss on existing IT tools developed to ease the work of Member States and potential future development including extension of functionalities.

The UWWTD SIIF is at an important stage of development and the Workshop will provide a unique opportunity for the Commission, EEA and OIEAU to discuss with participants and experts in order to forecast the future developments and to choose directions close to the needs and uses.


As the objective is to develop systems useful for everybody from the general public to experts, the target workshop audience will be those with an interest in the topics. The participants of the urban waste water expert group meetings (Member States and water stake holders) will be specifically targeted but the DG environment would also like to involve international organisations which could have an interest to these developments as the World Bank, European Investment Bank, UN agencies or OECD. The representatives of citizens, municipalities and all people interested in the water data are also targeted.


Introduction of the workshop 15:00 – 15:30

  • the SIIF concept by Bruno Rakedjian from the European Commission
  • INSPIRE/UWWT SIIFs by Stefan Jensen from the European Environment Agency

SIIF versus Article 11 of the INSPIRE directive (view, discovery, download, invoke,.. services)

  • The SIIF generic waste water website by Benoit FRIBOURG-BLANC
  • Status of and needs for UWWT reporting and dissemination by Fernanda Néry from the European Environment Agency
  • INSPIRE. EurEau Point of View by Pedro Béraud from EurEau

The evolution and INSPIRE harmonisation of the urban waste water data model

Conclusion of the workshop


SIIF national urban waste water websites:


Other national urban waste water websites SIIF compatible


EEA/UWWTD data viewer:

EU UWWTD current reporting data organisation

EU UWWTD data dictionary

Last Commission/MS SIIF workshop

Bruno Rakedjian European Commission Directorate-General for the Environment
Unit C2: Marine Environment & Water Industry
Benoit Fribourg-Blanc Project Manager
International Office for Water
Stefan Jensen Head of SEIS & Reference Data Group - MDI Program
European Environment Agency
Pedro Beraud Representative of the EurEau II Commission
Coordinator of Wastewater Specialized Committee (CEAR)
Portuguese Association of Water Distribution and Wastewater Drainage (APDA)
Fernanda Nery Water data manager - NSV Programme
European Environment Agency