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About the Forum
Developers are an intricate part of the geospatial community, bringing out innovative products and applications that help us realise the potential of geospatial technologies.

Realising the need to closely connect the technology providers with the developer community, Geospatial Media is organising a Geospatial Developers Forum 2014. This will be organised as a part of the pre-conference program of Geospatial World Forum 2014.

Topics under Discussion
Geospatial Developers Forum has identified five key topics under discussion. Location will be the central topic with Enterprise, Mobile, Cloud and Big data as the ancillary topics.

While location is not something new to the developers, especially from a geospatial perspective, the way location is being used, is really changing. Real time data from sensors, data from web etc. are pushing the traditional boundaries of design and development of geospatial applications, brining in the need for understanding Big Data. This is not only true in case of applications being used with in an enterprise, but also for the ones designed to be used in a consumer environment. While the client side is moving towards mobile, the server side is looking at cloud as alternatives.

In this scenario, it becomes necessary for a developer to understand these topics from a fresh perspective, which this year’s developer forum aims for.