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Theme: GeoSmart Construction through Geospatial + BIM
The symposium presents the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) and Geospatial industry with a unique opportunity to gain understanding of various geo-enabled processes that can be implemented in their existing workflows for a sustainable infrastructure development.

Keynote Session
Philosophy of Smart Cities and Geodesign will form the keynote sessions and act as a driver to this symposium. The symposium will bring in the expertise and best practices from around the world in construction and infrastructure domain through its technology oriented sessions and panel discussions.

Session 1: Advanced Data Acquisition
Prior to any construction activity that can be carried out the process of site selection and its accurate representation takes precedence. The session will redefine the engineering grade surveying required for construction with the latest in Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), mobile LiDAR survey (MLS), Virtual Reference Networks (VRS) to optimize the base data collection process for projects ranging from individual buildings to large infrastructure projects spanning multiple geographies. The session will present the benefits of utilizing these technologies over the traditional surveying methodologies supported by relevant case studies.

Session 2: Design, Engineering and Construction beyond 3D
The session aims to bring together a group of professionals that have or intend to utilize Building Information Modeling software and processes in their design, engineering and construction workflows. Case studies ranging from the use of BIM at the plan and design (architecture) stage, engineering (structural, thermal analysis, etc.) to construction (scheduling, management, etc.). The session will not only highlight the benefits of 3D but also cover the multiple dimensions of the construction lifecycle including, 4D (scheduling), 5D (estimation), 6D (sustainability) and even 7D (management).

Panel Discussion: Geospatial + BIM Policy framework for Sustainable Development
The panel discussion will address the implementation, interoperability and standards related challenges and focus on devising strategy to have an inclusive Geospatial + BIM technology based policy framework for the construction and geospatial industry for sustainable development of the built environment.