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Collaborative Approach Fostering Global Peace and Prosperity

UN are making a difference in the world-from championing peace and delivering humanitarian aid to supporting development, environmental management, and promoting international laws. Geospatial is an enabling tool for UN agencies in making a great impact on building peace from war-torn societies. Geospatial technology has the potential to increase the effectiveness and transparency of development assistance and humanitarian aid, including the work of the United Nations. There is a constant effort towards increasing geospatial capabilities to allow the peacekeepers, humanitarian response teams, and other UN partners to operate with more actionable information in the field and achieve greater success. The forum will provide a platform for the UN agencies and the geospatial technology providers to discuss on collaborative environments and how one can work towards secure, peaceful and prosperous societies. The forum will discuss technology trends in the geospatial domain and their role in creating more effective and tailor-made models for development and humanitarian aid efforts around the world.

The objective of the forum is:

  • To build a collaborative approach between the UN agencies and the technology providers in support to the wide range of UN mandates
  • To share experiences and success case studies
  • Highlight emerging trends in geospatial analysis and informatics and demonstrate the use of data to improve transit efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provide a forum for public-private-UN discussions about practical applications of new technologies
  • To inform broad cross-section of UN users about geospatial technology and applications