Monetising Geospatial Value and Practices

Monetisation has become a part and parcel of everyday discussions wherein several governments are talking about ways in which they can monetise their debt and companies are finding ways to monetise their products and services more effectively and efficiently. Not only them, but individuals too are seeking ways to monetise their assets into some form of value and earnings. Nothing quite like the current economic crisis has happened before, with financial systems failing in tandem the world over. 'More in Less' is probably most commonly used term in strategic discussions indicating that buyers are seeking more and more at lesser and lesser price. In order to survive and thrive within the given economic scenario one must ensure optimisation of value and returns-on-investment.

Since almost half a decade, geospatial has evolved from science to technology to an infrastructure into a fully fledged industry. Geospatial technologies have contributed to the world economy by empowering industries to make better decisions based on smart and intelligent geographic information. It is a widely recognised fact that almost 80% of information has a location orientation and good understanding of the same has made decision making faster, surer and more effective for executives in both government and private sector enterprises.

The vulnerability and precarious position of current global economic status can well be addressed by exploiting the value and utility of geospatial to the maximum by both governments and industries. With the theme Monetising Geospatial Value and Practices, Geospatial World Forum will focus on assessment and enhancement of the value of geospatial information, technology, products, services and solutions to the world economy. Prospects and challenges associated with geospatial industry vis--vis monetisation of geospatial value and practices shall be discussed and deliberated between and amongst high level stakeholders of geospatial industry and its user communities.