Spatial Thinking Challenge

Following questions and more will be experienced and discussed during this interactive seminar:
  • Are men better spatial thinkers than women?
  • Are teenagers better crisis managers than professionals?
  • Does the use of navigation devices lead to reduced navigation skills?
  • Are good gamers also great spatial thinkers?
  • Are spatial thinking skills critical?
  • In the seminar an overview of the concepts and application of spatial thinking will be presented. Participants will also experience the nature of spatial thinking "life" through experiments and demonstrations.
Date:16th May, 2013
Hall:Leeuwen Room 1
Time: 1130 1300 hrs

1130 1300 hrs - Session 1
Prof. Dr. ir Arnold Bregt
Professor, Geo-information
Wageningen University
The Netherlands
Bio | Abstract
Drs . Willemijn Simon van Leeuwen
The Netherlands
Dr. Ir. Ron van Lammeren
Associate Professor
Geo- Information Science
Wageningen University
The Netherlands