Pre-Conference Exchange Forum -
Monetising Geospatial Value and Practices for National Developmental Goals
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THIS DIALOGUE FORUM AIMS at exploring how some countries are working towards building a coordinated and comprehensive policy environment which would enable them to achieve optimum utilisation of geospatial tools, it would also look into some examples where national level projects and programmes are gaining from the data generated by geospatial community and lastly, it would involve senior economic planners from different countries who would share their vision on development of various sectors in their countires using geospatial tools in achieving their vision goals. With these key stakeholders - Data producers, End-Users and Planners - together in same platform, this dialogue forum would help explore how linkages can be created between them in order to achieve more out of the existing resources and for maximising value of geospatial tools.

Key objectives of the Dialogue Forum are to:
Highlight role that supportive policies play in realising true potential of geospatial technologies
Demonstrate via case studies the inter-relationship between open policy environment, relation within data producing agencies and successful execution of national development programmes
Brainstorm on reasons for some countries not being able to achieve this balance
Bring to light the monetisation process of geospatial technologies

Date:12th May, 2013
Hall: Diamond 2
Time: 0930 – 1600 hrs

0900 - 1100 hrs - Pre-Conference Opening and Keynote Addresses
Prof. D. R. Fraser Taylor FRSC
Director, Geomatics and Cartographic Research
Centre, Carleton University
Bio | Presentation
Keynote Addresses
Prof. Henk Scholten
The Netherlands
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Keynote Addresses
Barbara Ryan
Secretariat Director
Group on Earth Observations (GEO)
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
1100 – 1130 hrs - Networking Coffee/Tea Break
1130 – 1300 hrs - Session on Regional Developments
Massimo Craglia
Senior Scientist
DG Joint Research Centre
Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit
European Commission
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Mart van Bracht
President, EuroGeoSurveys Managing Director, TNO Energy (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
The Netherlands
Bio | Presentation
Stefan Jensen
Head of SEIS and SDI group
SEIS support program
European Environment Agency
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
1300 – 1400 hrs - Lunch
1400 – 1600 hrs - Session on National Mapping Authorities
Godfried Barnasconi
Executive Board
Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency
The Netherlands
Bio| Abstract | Presentation
Wadih João Scandar Neto
Director, Directorate of Geosciences
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Actuary Rolando Ocampo-Alcántar
Vice-President of National Geographic and Environment Information
Bio | Abstract
1600 - 1630 hrs - Networking Coffee/Tea Break
1630 – 1800 hrs - Session on National Mapping Authorities (continued)
Dr. André Streilein
Chief Topography Division and Member
of the Board, Federal Office of Topography
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Kazuo Inaba
Deputy Director General
Geospatial Information
Authority of Japan
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Peter ter Haar
Director of Products
Ordnance Survey
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
1800 hrs onwards - Welcome reception

Date:13th May, 2013
Hall: Diamond 2
Time: 0900 – 1600 hrs

1630 – 1800 hrs - Session on National Developmental Goals
Prof. Cheng Hsuh Chou
Head - Information Division
National Centre for Disaster Reduction
Bio | Abstract
Junghoon Ahn
Director of Planning and Policy Division
National Geographic Information Institute
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Marcelle Hattingh
Director Corporate
Geo-Informatics City of Johannesburg
South Africa
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Nirarta Samadhi
Deputy V - National Priority Planning and Budget Evaluation Presidential Working
Unit for Supervision& Management of Development
Bio | Abstract | Presentation
1230 – 1330 hrs - Lunch
Industry Panel Discussion and Forum conclusion
Prof. Dawn Wright
Chief Scientist
Bio | Presentation
Steven Hagan
Senior Vice President
Server Technologies Oracle Corporation
Bio | Presentation
Peter Large
Vice President
Trimble Navigation
Alex Monino
WW Marketing Director
HP Designjet LF Printers
Sander Jongeleen
Product Manager – Mobile MappingTopcon Positioning
The Netherlands
1500 – 1600 hrs - Networking Tea & Coffee Break
1600 hrs onwards - Geospatial World Forum main conference Opening and Exhibition Opening