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Cadastre & Registration

What we call cadastre today comes from a long history of keeping maps and descriptions of land boundaries, together with written records on land ownership. Although the organization of cadastre and land registration operations will vary from one country to another, cadastral and land registry offices usually handle administrative and technical tasks to document and maintain information on land property. Even though there is a strong relationship between cadastre and land registration functions, they differ in content. While the land register holds the records on right on land through deeds or titles, the cadastre contains information about land properties and their boundaries within a certain administrative area. Land registration and cadastre functions complement each other and should ideally be handled within the same system.

This symposium would focus on:
  • Cadastral and Land Administration policies
  • Major technology trends for efficient cadastral and land registry system
  • Cadastral Information Systems
  • Open Source Cadastre and Land Registration
  • Cadastral Data Management
  • Latest advancements in cadastral mapping
  • Methodologies and procedures of digital cadastral mapping
  • Success stories
  • Challenges