Partner Testimonials

“You are ‘hartelijk welkom!’ to a worldwide meeting of geospatial minds, those that contribute to the advancement of geospatial around the World. Recent developments in geographic technologies are very exciting and that is exactly what the programme is addressing. Government plays an important role in these developments, hence the attention give to Europe’s Digital Agenda and its impacts to the European and World economy. Hope to meet you there!”

Jan Willem van Eck, former President, Geo-Informatie Nederland, The Netherlands
“Geospatial technologies are rapidly evolving as the key integrating facility for management. Whether we manage our societies, environments or businesses, only a spatial viewpoint puts us all on the same page, puts our activities on everybody’s map. This is a challenge to the GIS industry, application domains and capacity building in academia. To accept this challenge, we all meet at GWF’2012!”

Prof. Josef Strobl, Director, Centre for Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg (Z_GIS), Austria
“I am incredibly impressed by Geospatial Media and Communications’ long history of unparalleled international conferences and symposia. We at USGIF are thrilled to partner with Sanjay Kumar and his team for our first event outside of the United States. I think the strength of the Defence and Intelligence Symposium agenda largely speaks for itself. Government, industry, and academic delegates will be exposed to a unique combination of global senior-level perspectives, and will gain from the synergy of this event being nested in the midst of the larger Geospatial World Forum. In addition, it all happens during springtime in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. This is absolutely going to be a ‘don’t miss’ event!”

Keith J. Masback, President, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, USA
“The Geospatial World Forum is a unique platform where issues of interest of the global geospatial community can be professionally addressed. The forum facilitates linkages between the public and the private sectors aiming to explore new innovative models for collaboration. I personally believe that this Forum will help in leverage efforts for SDI development and to explore the full potential of the geospatial industry.”

Alessandro Annoni, Head, Spatial Data Infrastructures Unit, European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)
“Worldwide the unrestricted availability of satellite Earth observation, a proven source of geospatial information, is rapidly becoming reality. Virtually all sectors of the world economy and society will greatly benefit from the use of this resource. The conference offers an extremely relevant opportunity to learn and show the world the opening of this new era of the informed society.”

Dr. Ger Nieupoort, Director, Netherland Space Office, The Netherlands
“The Geospatial industry of today is a rapidly changing, data intensive world. Location is becoming a commodity as the sources of data expand beyond the traditional data collection methodologies and Geospatial data is becoming part of everyday life. In addition, industries are becoming more vertically integrated, connecting Geospatial data to all the stakeholders helps improve productivity and reduces rework.

In this environment of large complex data sets, the role of the Geospatial professional is evolving. In addition to collecting data a geospatial specialist adds value through expert interpretation of the data and how it can be utilized to the benefit of the stakeholders.

The Geospatial World Forum brings together experienced professionals enabling them to share ideas and experiences at a core level to help meet the demands and develop the future of the industry.”

Chris Gibson, Vice President, Trimble
“As economic development and modernization efforts continue to increase around the world, the demand for better transportation, telecommunications, land management, food, water conservation, energy and environmental protection are on the rise. Geospatial technology is playing a significant role in helping to shape these development efforts. In today's environment, we have access to more digital data than ever before, which holds the potential for unprecedented productivity and creativity. The ability to fuse, analyze and model volumes of this data faster and more efficiently into actionable information can move the industry to the next level. The Geospatial World Forum provides a global platform for professionals to not only shape the future of the industry but to explore how we can continue to drive transformation and impact economic growth worldwide through the use of geospatial technology.”

Steve Berglund
, President and CEO , Trimble
“Even with a highly connected, global community there are constantly evolving developments and innovations that need an interactive, live platform for timely communication and exchange of ideas. Geospatial World Forum will be an excellent opportunity for such discussions - bringing together international peers and experts from industry, government and academia. Active engagement and collective participation in this industry event will further strengthen and expand the global geospatial knowledge community; this is certainly the primary driver for our comprehensive presence at this event.

With a growing footprint in both the developed and emerging geospatial markets around the world, Rolta is looking forward to active dialog and exchange there. Industry professionals should expect to share and receive fresh perspectives, transformative strategies and new insights, while reinforcing existing geospatial community ties and forging new, collaborative relationships.”

K.K. Singh
, Chairman and Managing Director, Rolta
"Geospatial World Forum is the perfect environment for geospatial professionals from around the world to find out about the latest technology and, perhaps more importantly, to see geospatial technology in action through real-world case studies. There has never been more pressure on the those who use geospatial technology to find ways to work smarter and to be more productive in the way that we deliver infrastructure and services to communities around the globe. At the Forum, members of the global geospatial community will exchange ideas about how to do just that. The future has never been brighter for geospatial technology as it becomes pervasive in everything from Internet browsers and smart phones to high-end infrastructure information modeling technology. Everyone who attends can look forward to both inspiration and practical learning that can be used immediately."

Greg Bentley
CEO, Bentleya
“Europe and The Netherlands are proud to have been selected as the venue for the 2012 Geospatial World Forum. In our continent and country, geoinformation technologies and applications are of utmost importance to boost the economy, secure social progress, manage vulnerable environments and benefit consumers. For geographers - in schools, government and business - geospatial technologies and information play an important role in their daily work and many of them contribute to their development and use. So why not take the opportunity to come to Amsterdam and combine the attractive real geography of the city with the amazing digital geography at the forum.”

Henk Ottens
President of the Royal Dutch Geographical Society KNAG and the Association of European Geographical Societies EUGEO