As the premium global geospatial industry event, Geospatial World Forum will bring the stakeholders —solution providers, policy makers as well as users— to a single platform, providing unparalleled opportunities for discussion, debate and interaction.

Welcome to the Geospatial World Forum 2012

Drs. Th A J Burmanje (Dorine)
Chair Executive Board
Cadastre, Land Registry & Mapping Agency
The Netherlands

“The Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster) feels honoured and privileged to be the co-organizer of Geospatial World Forum which will be held from April 23rd to 27th 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for the first time on European soil. The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Mrs. Melanie Schultz van Haegen, has been invited to give the Opening Speech together with the 11th President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. They will be accompanied by Ministers from Malaysia and Chile.

National Governments and Public Administrations are facing many serious societal, economic and environmental challenges which include disaster management, climate control and the current economic crisis. None of these issues stop at national borders. This requires an integrated and multidisciplinary approach.

The geospatial community plays an essential role in enabling governments to perform efficiently by supplying reliable, accurate and relevant information and services when and where-ever needed. This results in improved decision making and reduction in the administrative costs which in turn enhances opportunities for the industry and society. Thus, the geospatial community is the backbone to a strong functioning National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Kadaster is proud of its contribution to the establishment of the national spatial data infrastructure in The Netherlands. From its original tasks, land registry and cadastral and topographic mapping, it has evolved into a key player providing geoinformation from public sources, for example spatial plans and the national register on buildings and addresses. As Chair of the Executive Board of Kadaster I am eager to share our knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. This is the spirit of the Geospatial World Forum 2012: bringing together many nationalities to discuss and deliberate on a variety of topics which are of relevance today and mapping the future of geospatial technologies tomorrow.

If you are interested in meeting the Geospatial industry leaders and visionaries, sharing your geospatial experiences, learning from innovative technology providers and building a sustainable geospatial ecosystem, please join us in Amsterdam for Geospatial World Forum 2012.”


Industry update

Geospatial encompasses in itself anything and everything that is geo-referenced and spatial in its characteristics and content.. And so as 'geospatial industry' is anything and everything that is associated with science, technology and applications of geospatial data ”