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Geospatial World Forum shall be driven by an objective to provide an appropriate representation of geospatial industry and its relevance in tomorrow’s world and it will embrace in itself, the directions and dimensions for geospatial industry. It will be a true business development platform for geospatial industry and will provide a wonderful environment for promotions, marketing, branding, leadership, collaboration, partnerships networking and so on.
Geospatial World Forum will be a medium of convergence of various stakeholders of global geospatial community and its integration with end users of geospatial information. It will be a combination of activities covering technology to policy to user oriented themes at global level. Framework of Geospatial World Forum will encourage various international professional societies focussing on different sub domains of geospatial community to discuss latest developments and its integration with other sub-domains within the geospatial community and also with other related domains.

Geospatial World Forum will act as a facilitator to participating agencies to organize activities according to their area of specialization and interest. Each activity will be designed primarily by the respective participating agency in consultation with the organizer.

Kapil Sibal
Hon'ble Minister
Ministry of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Ministry of Communication & IT and Ministry of Human Resource Development
Government of India

With the global economic downturn now predominantly in the past, capital spending on information technology has rebounded vigorously. The geospatial market has contributed to the mitigation of the effects of global recession and is now all set to participate and make its presence felt in the economic turnaround process. The geospatial industry is at an exciting stage of its development. The technology itself is ever increasing- ever expanding, finding new areas of applications and new markets for exploitation. Its reach is so wide that no area of our activity is now untouched from it.

The world today is a world of fast pace changes. Technologies are coming into being and falling by the wayside in numbers that were unthinkable a few decades ago. We are living in an era of science and the pace of communication is mind boggling. Geospatial sector will have to continue to ...

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