Geospatial for Land Management
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Land management provides a high level overview of recent advances in building formal property systems throughout the world, and reviews the role of property in advancing a society's economic and social agenda. It undertakes an in-depth examination of the land administration infrastructure required to support these modern property systems, giving particular attention to the survey, registration, valuation, and land use control functions. Developing countries are challenged by pro poor land management and administration and aim at enhancing the services of the authorities as soon as possible. Countries in a further stage of development enjoyed benefits of IT-application at an earlier stage. Many of them now face the renewal of their architecture because their existing information systems cannot cope with evolving customer demands and opportunities

The symposium will cover the following:
  • Enhancing and exchanging the knowledge about cadastre, land administration and land management
  • Development of sustainable land administration as infrastructure for sustainable development and economic growth
  • Application of innovative and advance technology in cadastre, land administration
  • Role of surveyors in land administration matters to the public and among stake holders

Chairperson & Moderator

Gottfried Konecny
Emeritus Professor
University of Hannover
Keynote Speaker
Ravi Saxena
Additional Chief Secretary
Government of Gujarat

Raja Ram Chhatkuli
Director General
Survey Department

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Seifert

Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation

Peter Rabley
President & CEO
International Land Systems, Inc

Kevin D Pomfret
Executive Director
Centre for Spatial
Law & Policy, United States

Rajesh Alla
Chairman & Managing Director
IIC Technologies

Nathalie Marthe Bismuth
General Manager
IGN France International

Nivedita P Haran
Addl Chief Secretary
Govt of Kerala, India

Bernard Griesmar
Marketing Manager

Nor Sallehi Kassim
Principle Senior Town Planner
Landuse Information Division
Federal Town and Country Planning Department