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Changing our World View with DigitalGlobe’s Constellation and 8-Band Technology

DigitalGlobe will be hosting an exclusive seminar and reception showcasing the latest trends in high-resolution satellite technology and applications for economic development. During this high power seminar, you will hear first-hand how imagery and information solutions are addressing real world challenges for businesses and governmental agencies across the globe. You will also learn more about DigitalGlobe’s
Constellation, including its stereo capabilities and accuracies, WorldView-2’s 8-band applications and global research findings, and most importantly our commitment to the Indian GIS market and YOU!

WorldView-2’s 8-Band Challenge Results

For the first-time ever, remote sensing and GIS researchers have access to high-resolution imagery with 8 spectral bands, including coastal blue, yellow, red-edge and NIR2. During this seminar you will discover how these researchers are using unparalleled 8 spectral band data for land use/land cover analysis, environmental mapping and monitoring, coastal habitat mapping, feature extraction and more! Additionally, the
winners of DigitalGlobe’s 8-Band Research Challenge will be featured guests of our seminar and you will be the first to hear their findings. This challenge resulted in nearly 500 entries in a 30-day period, representing 79 countries, and topics spanning from aquatic applications, and minerals and mining to human disease research.