Speakers Bio & Abstract

Shamanth Nagaraj Deputy General Manager

BiographyShamanth is currently working as Deputy General Manager at Hitachi India Bangalore primarily responsible for Information & Communications Systems Technology business and Intelligent transportation.
He has been associated with Hitachi India which is the Regional Head Quarter of Hitachi Ltd in India for the last 12 years.
He is a seasoned bilingual professional with about 18 years of Industry experience spanning Automotive, Healthcare, Transportation, Utility and Process industries, having working for geographies of Japan and APAC.
He is a certified six sigma black belt and a project management professional.
He has been associated with professional bodies like Geospatial media and communications and has been Representing Hitachi India Corporate in the “AGI (Association of Geospatial Industries)”.Abstract Highway Road Transportation Image Processing and Monitoring Systems The rapid growth of vehicles on Indian roads in the past decade or so has put the existing transport infrastructure under extreme stress. While multitude efforts have been made to enhance these infrastructure facilities, these have not been able to keep pace with the growth of vehicles. This has caused increased congestion on roads and highways. This congestion increases the potential for accidents and long delays, besides increasing pollution, thereby negatively affecting quality of life.
One way of mitigating the effects of these problems is to try and increase the productivity of existing transportation infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies, including a broad range of wireless and wired communications-based information and electronics technologies. When integrated together to form an Intelligent Transport System, these technologies help reduce congestion, enhance safety and increase productivity.
With the advent of the technology and the transport infrastructure monitoring and maintenance becoming more advanced, has resulted in a seamless integration of information, communication and control technologies to improve a transportation network and its operations.
Hitachi Traffic Image processing and governance systems has been aiding highway monitoring and management through the use of technologies like ATCC, Traffic length and velocity detection, Road side sensors and IoT components, GPS based Probe Information processing, ETC based traffic control centers.
This has resulted in vehicles, drivers, passengers, public transport operators, traffic controllers / managers and emergency services all interacting with each other, and linking with often complex backbone infrastructure systems, which has helped in improving the efficiency of highway monitoring.