Speakers Bio & Abstract

Guillermo Gutierrez Geospatial Technician
IIC Technologies
United Kingdom

BiographyGuillermo Gutierrez, currently a Geospatial Specialist at IIC Technologies in the UK, has specialized in GIS applications for urban studies. At his early age, Guillermo has worked in Consultancies, Research Institutions and Universities in several countries. He has pioneered innovative Geospatial Solutions to improve data analysis and quality control procedures in Urban Mobility projects. His areas of expertise also include Network and Spatial analysis, Digital Image Processing and Hydrographic Services. Abstract Walkable and Accessible Cities - Data Capturing and GIS ProcessingGeographic Information Systems (GIS) can be used to objectively measure features of the built environment that may influence active mobility, physical activity, and social participation, three crucial dimensions of healthy communities. This study shows the procedure to capture urban features, and describes the construction of an objective measure of walkability. Our approach starts from the premise that an ecofriendly environment rich in services and amenities, with appropriate urban forms and land use pattern may favours active living. The GIS-derived walkability index has potential for guiding environmental and urban planning policies to promote walking and active transportation.